Rest Stops

I’ve been on vacation for exactly one week. For those of you who don’t know, I work in 1st grade as a one-on-one special education technician in an elementary school. Next year we’ll be moving up to 2nd grade.

My family began their vacation a month ago.

I waited for this vacation for so long.

So. Long.

When last Tuesday finally rolled around I was just dizzy with the prospect of having my long-awaited break.

I’ve accomplished so much in only one week!

I’ve watched several [thousand] world cup soccer games. I’ve eaten several [hundred] avocadoes. I’ve watched several [dozen] episodes of tv shows. I played the piano [at least twice]. I walked downtown [thrice]. I bought new sandals and liquid eyeliner.

[Let me take this time to inform you, dear reader, that liquid eyeliner is a lot harder than it looks and, invariably, one eye will look like a super-model and the other will look like a giant squid set loose on you with its ink.]


Other things I’ve done on vacation. I made popovers and pancakes with strawberries and chocolate swirl. I started reading “The Book Thief” and went running 3 times. I took my brother to the ER. I ordered an exercise ball at my physical therapist’s recommendation. I got stung on the nose by a bee. I downloaded Snapchat. I dipped strawberries in nutella.

So far, it’s been awesome. Not even one bit boring. I don’t miss going to work every day even a little. I don’t think that everything was a tad more comfortable when it was about 30 degrees cooler. I don’t think that hearty stews and chillies are more delicious than summery salads. I don’t think brown boots with knee socks and jeans are more adorable than shorts and flip-flops. I’m not even one single bit running out of things to do. I didn’t rejoice when it rained tonight.

Tomorrow I might water the flowers and make sandwiches for lunch. Maybe I’ll put bacon in the sandwiches.

And it’ll be glorious.


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