Summer Planting

My husband and I live in Cute-As-A-Button, Maine. We don’t exactly live on the water but, if you walk thirty seconds from our house here is what you see:


We really love living in Maine and I have been planning what to do with our mini garden since we moved into this house.

This has been our garden for the past month [since the snow melted].


Weeding and organizing this area has been a little bit intimidating. I think the grass from around the corner was attempting to take over and Maine grows rocks, so I knew I had my work cut out for me. I acquired some handy-dandy garden tools.


They were very useful in chopping away at the tough grass.

Then, once the majority of the weeds were gone we added some compost and mixed it all in nicely.


At this point I went inside to find a hat and to put on extra sun-screen. It got hot today. Here is my OPC Pride hat:


I should pause here to say that I have never gardened before. I might have done lots of things wrong. Our dirt turned out to be very clay-ey and I have no idea what that means and was too excited to plant flowers to stop and figure it out. I got miracle grow. That’ll take care of any problems, right? Cuz it makes miracles. Mmhmm. I got really muddy too. Here are my knees.


Then my lovely husband helped me dig the holes for the perennials. I got several different kinds of the perennials. I got sort of grassy ones that [in theory] are ground-covering plants with little flowers. I also got some taller perennials that I put in a row toward the back of the flower bed. I also planted some annuals that I chose according to color. Pink and purple and yellow.


I watered it all violently with the miracle-grow water and then did some regular water too. Just for luck. We lined up all the rocks that we dug out of the dirt into a nice edging. Didn’t I mention Maine grows rocks? Well, it does. But hopefully flowers too.


And here is the final product! I am so excited to see how it turns out over the next few weeks.



Summer Holidays

During the last week of school [that’s this week] I start to get really excited about all of my holiday plans. I have several plans for this summer. I like to think that a few of them are attainable. If I put them up on my blog then I figured that I’d feel extra pressure to get them all done because you, my readers, are going to hold me to them.

The first thing that I’d really like to do over this summer is weed our flower-bed and plant flowers. Mostly in our yard we have bushes, grass, and a really huge tree [that I’m pretty sure holds the house and road up]. But there is a patch about 2ft by 5ft by our front door that I’d really like to make look nice. There are also weeds growing out of all the crevices in our driveway. I’ve got to get rid of those too. I also want to get some pots of flowers to put by our other door. And a hanging basket. That’s one summer project.

Another thing I’d like to do this summer is to eat healthier food. You know, like salads and low-calorie stuff and not 3 pretzels and cheese for dinner. I shouldn’t eat rum cake for breakfast. But I don’t want to spend extra money on food. This creates a decided difficulty. Generally I find that healthier foods cost more money. A frozen pizza is cheaper [and easier to make] than buying all the ingredients that I need to put in a salad to make it taste good. This project requires more thought. And probably fewer carbs.

The next project that I’d like to get going on this summer is doing a little more painting. I haven’t painted anything since before I got engaged. I’ve been distracted. Perhaps over summer vacation I will do a series of paintings. I have some ideas. I even have the paints and canvases and everything. They’d be great to decorate our bathroom. We’ll see if I ever get around to that.

I’d also like to get a library card [or a kindle] and read a lot of books over the summer. I have a list in my head of some that I’d like to read. I haven’t had time to read a book since we stopped have snowed-in days during the winter. We have a screened-porch. It looks like a nice place to sit and read a book with a glass of strawberry lemonade. That would be romantic. I shall have to make a list.

Now that I’ve written all of these things down and shown you you’re under obligation to hold me to my plan. Otherwise I’ll spend the summer watching The West Wing reruns and making trips to the Round Top Ice-cream stand. And then it’ll be time to go back to work and our garden will be weedy, my food unhealthy, my bathroom void of paintings, and my books left on the shelf. And that would be a summer ill-spent. Right?

Although, ice-cream is delicious…