Step Ye Gaily – Wedding Memorabilia

On my wedding day I was hyper. I didn’t have cold feet. I wasn’t up all night stressing out about the forecast rain [I was up all night – but I was being excited, not stressed], I didn’t forget the ring, I didn’t tear my veil. I mostly just grinned. In fact, I was so busy grinning that I forgot that I was supposed to eat a donut. In fact, I didn’t eat anything at all [well, one tortilla chip and a piece of dark chocolate].


I felt nervous when it came to the walking down the aisle bit, just in case I tripped, or an elderly guest fainted, or it started to rain [all of which happened later, but not yet]. Dad and I made a deal that we wouldn’t make eye contact with any of the guests on the way down the aisle. That way we wouldn’t cry, or laugh, or forget to walk in time to the music. We did ok – minimal eye-lock. My bouquet felt really heavy.


My first sight of Tim was of him peeking his head around the photographer to see me coming. Then I stopped being nervous. After that the service is sort of a blur.

I remember saying the vows and realizing how heavy my dress was. I remember worrying in case I cried at any point because I’d forgotten my lace-embroidered handkerchief. I don’t remember the kiss. I know it happened, but I don’t remember it. It’s ok though; I’ve got the picture now.

I know that we did photos outside with our families. My brothers and dad sang an awesome song for us [check it out:]. There were speeches and a solo. There were cupcakes. Then Tim and I went in a limo to the dinner reception. There was champagne [note: do not drink 2 glasses of champagne in a moving vehicle on an empty stomach]. There was wind at the reception. We did dramatically wind-swept photos outside. It was gorgeous. We ate amazing food and drank delicious drinks and talked and laughed with our family and friends.

It was perfect. It was a blur.

On a regular basis Tim and I say something like, “wow, we got married” and try to remind ourselves that it actually is true. It was a blur, but it was a really bright, glowy, happy blur – full of love and joy.


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