Weather I like

I love weather. I love sunny days and snowy days and days with hurricanes and days with storms and days with wind and days with rain and days with big fluffy clouds. I especially love days with big fluffy clouds. Today was one of those days. It was hard to drive along the road without looking at the clouds – I think I swerved a time or two when a cloud looked a little too much like a bunny-rabbit, or a sheep, or a dog chasing a dragon (I swear there was one that looked exactly like a dog chasing a dragon). Yesterday it got bright and dark in turns and then started pouring with rain – I had to make a poncho out of a big bag to protect my purse and my book on the way to the car. There was thunder and flashes of lightening on my way home over the mountain. There were almost no cars on the road at all, which was lucky because one of my headlights doesn’t work and I can’t see anything at all if I shut of the high-beams. Anyhow. I’m getting a little off topic. I love weather. I love watching the trees bending in a strong wind, and snow piling up on the eaves of the barn, and the maple leaves turning red as they do at the beginning of each September. And, finally, I like days when I can put my feet up and feel the sun warming up my toes and see the sun coming through the trees, glistening on the water.


2 Replies to “Weather I like”

    1. Actually I’d prefer if you didn’t post it — sorry, the photo was taken by a friend. But I appreciate the offer, and that you asked permission. Thanks!

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